Let’s build your learning organization!

The most effective businesses and schools are learning organizations, primed to innovate and evolve.

They’re more risk-tolerant, more human-centric, and often more successful.

Recognizing the value of a learning organization is easy. Building one is hard.

I can help. By applying educational theory, best practices, and highly effective classroom experiences, I’ll level up your organization’s learning and your learning leadership.

Read on to see how I can transform your presentations, training, onboarding, sales, teaching, and even management and leadership, or jump right to a free evaluation of what I can do for you.

Three people learning

Great learning transforms lives

But not-great learning can be, well, awful.  

You’ve seen that presenter who read paragraphs of text off the screen while you listened silently. Not the most engaging experience, and chances are you walked away feeling drained.

It’s not just bad for the audience. As a presenter, it’s demoralizing to realize the audience is bored or, worse yet, lost entirely. Enough experiences like this could even threaten your career.

Don’t be a bad presenter. Become a learning leader.

Abstract illustration of a classroom

Great learning doesn’t happen by accident

You remember your great teachers. Perhaps they inspired you to try something new, or inspired you to think differently. Perhaps they even changed the course of your life.

Those great teachers weren’t great by chance. 

They knew effective learning requires intentionality. Rather than relying on intuition, they used research-based best-practices to incorporate elements of neuroscience, psychology, and other learning-related sciences. And on top of those they layered time-tested educational best-practices. 

Your organization could have the same learning experiences you did.

And the benefit isn’t just to the learner. Great learning leaders find themselves in high demand. They have better chances of advancement and recognition. And there are personal benefits: effective learning leadership is a deeply fulfilling experience. It provides a sense of mastery and self-efficacy that is hard to match.

I make learning leaders great by helping them intentionally apply the same theory and best-practices that made those great teachers so memorable.

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What will effectivEDU do for you?

My consulting always starts with a free 15-minute evaluation of your needs and what you’re trying to accomplish. If this feels like a potential fit, we can even start planning a scope for your project.

If you choose to move forward with me, our work might include training on how to apply educational theory and learning science in a presentation; how lessons from effective classrooms can improve your management and leadership; observation, evaluation, and feedback of training or presentation by your team; consultation on or actual build of training programs or onboarding materials; ongoing coaching and mentoring; or any other support needed for you or your team.

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Will it work?

Absolutely. Small changes have big effects. 

Leading effective learning doesn’t require decades of experience. What it requires is intentionality, knowledge, and skill.

Schedule your free call and let’s move you forward on your path to exceptional learning leadership!

Sean’s thoughts:

What’s your most valuable mindset?

A day of school vs. an experience to remember 🌙😎

Invisible Ink – A Generative AI Ghostwriter

Gen AI is a TI-30, and the Humanities are having their “slide rule moment.”

AI is changing the world. We can’t allow it to change our humanity.

Given AI, do we know whether our children are learning? 👩‍🎓

We should feel stress at work. (Hear me out.)

Are your employees afraid of being wrong? 🙅‍♀️

AI is the biggest EdTech disruption since the chalkboard. 🦾🎓

Teach what’s NEEDED, not what’s NEXT (3/3)

Teach what’s NEEDED, not what’s NEXT (2/3)

Teach what’s NEEDED, not what’s NEXT. (1/3)

Uh oh. Do you actually know what your learners don’t know? 🤔

You just learned ChatGPT and now it’s gone?! What will you have to learn next?! 😓

I built an artificially intelligent tutor! 🤖🎓 How’d I do?

How do we humanize non-human interactions?

ChatGPT made my daughter cry, and it was my fault

“But Artificial Intelligence Can Do It For Me!”

Is Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than You? (part 4 of 4)

Is Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than You? (part 3 of 4)

Is Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than You? (part 2 of 4)

Is Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than You? (part 1 of 4)

Don’t ban ChatGPT in schools

Ways We Learn

Get started with video production (for a lot less $$ than you think)

Be nice to your learners’ brains!

Do we still care about cheating?

What others are saying:

One of the best investments of my time I’ve made in the last year

I had been toying around with the idea of turning an Instagram Live series into a podcast for 6 months, but doing absolutely nothing about it. When I learned about Sean’s workshop series, Unlock Your Pod-tential, and l saw what I would learn, I figured it was now or never, so I signed up. I learned more than I could have imagined. Sean covered everything that’s involved in getting a podcast out into the world — guest wrangling, recording (including what platforms, tools, and equipment to use), editing, hosting, syndication, publishing, and marketing. Hands down, one of the best investments of my time I’ve made in the last year.


Business coach and strategist


Sean, I’ve just joined, but your training videos taught me so much about how to engage with students and get them to engage with the topic. The number of times I wrote “Wow!” in my notes on your videos – well, shoot, let me count real quick … 16. 16 times. In training videos where the natural state is to zone out and push through it.



I feel confident in the knowledge gained AND empowered!!

Thank you Sean!! What an energizing and engaging presentation. Learning is SO empowering, and I definitely walked away feeling empowered to create stronger learning experiences. The information was delivered in a highly digestible and engaging way – with opportunity to immediately apply what we learned! I feel confident in the knowledge gained AND empowered!! Thank you for creating such an engaging learning space, and for being as invested in teaching the information as we were in learning it!


Curriculum Designer

Yesterday was amazing

THANK YOU for creating an opportunity for us to level up our skills. Yesterday was amazing and we are so appreciative of your time and expertise.


Head of Career Outcomes

Your videos were inspiring

@Sean, I have just completed my onboarding, but I’ve watched so many of your videos, since I took the cybersecurity course just this last year. I can really say your videos were inspiring. From your poise to your professional tone and cadence, I was always so impressed in the way you do things. Honestly your videos are part of what inspired me to push forth in this side of things. Being so new at cybersecurity, I really felt (and still do feel) inadequate at times, but you really inspire that confidence in teaching as a tool to better others’ lives. 



You made this job into something easy

I cannot emphasize this enough, you made this job into something easy…. From someone who was insecure, and unsure of how to present, I remember watching and learning from you in recordings. I can’t thank you enough and wish you well.



Would really like to get more training like this

Totally new information to me, very useful and informative and already had me thinking about ways to change our slides for current development efforts. Great content, would really like to get more training like this! When I was an instructor I enjoyed the volume of training and would like to see more on this ‘side of the fence’ to help us sharpen our swords.


Instructor and Instructional Designer

Sean knocked it out of the park

The practice with partners giving and receiving difficult feedback. Sean knocked it out of the park with this training. AMAZING AND HELPFUL!



I learned so many things!

I learned so many things! I don’t feel there was a section of this training that wasn’t useful. It was engaging and helpful. Great presentation, Sean!



This should be mandatory training for all new instructors

Great class! One of the few (from my previous experiences in other jobs) to be one of the best. This should be mandatory training for all new instructors. I’ve been teaching for 12 years and I learned some new tips!



Can it be more often?

Great training. Can it be more often? I def want to make these types of training sessions a consistent thing for my team.



Hearing how to best construct content so that is most impactful to students was really interesting

As a new hire it was really helpful to be able to view examples of content that is being taught to students (via the breakout session and then show & share). Additionally, hearing how to best construct content so that is most impactful to students was really interesting. It make me think back on what my best learning experiences were while in school and recall what concepts were being used.


Learning Experience Designer

Sean will be your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice as a resource

In working with Sean over the past year, I can honestly and sincerely say he has forgotten more about pedagogy than I could ever aspire to know. However, his patient and calm teaching style helps people understand and visualize his concepts, making them relatable and actionable.

Mixing his ability to teach others how to teach with a knowledge and passion for technology makes Sean a very unique talent in this space and while you can and should do your diligence when looking for this skill, I believe that Sean will be your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice as a resource.


Head of Experience Design

It was so fascinating

To be honest, I was expecting this lesson to be very dry, but it was so fascinating! I started on this journey because I’m passionate about development and want to share that with others, but I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting I found the science behind learning and education. Awesome job with this presentation! Now I need to find this podcast.



One of my favorite trainings ever!

Sean’s delivery is always on point through any training, lecture, presentation that he gives. The role playing session is perfect to give managers the practice that they need, it allows them to get to know each other more too! One of my favorite trainings ever!



I can’t remember when I was that engaged for a full 90 minutes

I can’t remember when I was that engaged for a full 90 minutes – unless I was presenting myself! Really enjoyed the engaging and interactive session!


Instructional Designer

Very comprehensive and engaging

Very comprehensive and engaging, breakout sessions were great. Great job! Exceeded expectations and excellent first impressions as new instructor.



I would like more sessions of this type

Useful and appreciated. I see this as an investment in my preparation and ability to succeed in this role. I would like more sessions of this type.



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