Invisible Ink - a generative AI ghostwriter - represented by a ghost holding a quill

Invisible Ink – A Generative AI Ghostwriter

There’s a future where AI flawlessly (and instantly) replicates your writing style. 👩‍💻🦾

Suddenly, you have a superpowered research assistant crafting content that sounds eerily like you. Productivity booster or ethical gray area? Dunno, but more than half were fine with it in last week’s poll! (

It’s definitely complex. Uncredited AI content raises concerns. But as a tool to amplify your voice and free up time? AI could be a game-changer.

So let’s change the game!

Introducing my FREE AI ghostwriting assistant, Invisible Ink (! It’s not a magic bullet, but a collaborator. Think brainstorming partner – AI generates drafts based on your style, then you refine and make it yours.

The AI ghostwriting debate continues, but one thing’s clear: AI is transforming content creation. Let’s explore its potential!

(P.S. The above mostly written by Invisible Ink. WooOOOooo.)

Um… what is a Generative AI Ghostwriter?

I went down a rabbit hole of Gen AI and engineered an AI ghostwriter!

A human ghostwriter would try to understand and mimic the voice and style of your writing. Your AI ghostwriter Invisible Ink does the same thing!

Overview of Invisible Ink Ghostwriter

Will this work with any AI?

These prompts can be pasted into any AI. But in short: the older/cheaper the AI, the worse the prompts may work.

If you’re paying for ChatGPT or Gemini or another more-advanced Gen AI, you’ll likely have more success.

And in fact, the prompts seem to work best with ChatGPT 4 at this point (March 2024).

So: say you want great results but don’t want to subscribe to an AI?

Interact with your AI through the chat! When it makes a mistake, tell it how to correct itself!

Read the prompt and try to understand what it’s meant to do. If your AI doesn’t do what the prompt says it should do in a given step, tell the AI that it made a mistake and should follow the instructions more carefully. You can even copy and paste that step into the chat box again and tell the AI to try that step again.

But the bottom line is that the more advanced AI systems will give you better results, especially on complex prompts like this one. Period. Sorry, I can’t change that reality!

How to use it?

There are two ways to use the “Invisible Ink Ghostwriter” Gen AI prompt:

Prompt 1 is the easiest to use. Just copy and paste into your Gen AI!

However, if you’re comfortable doing so, I suggest you customize and use prompt 2. It’s more involved, but it will give you by far the most efficient interaction with ChatGPT every time you use it!

What’s the catch?

No catch!

These prompts are provided free to you under a GPL 3 license. You’re welcome to use them as you see fit, or modify them and redistribute with attribution. I assume no warranty or liability related to your use. All I ask is that you use them ethically and for good purposes.

You’re encouraged to share these with others. My preference is that you link people to this page. If you prefer to send them the text of the prompt, you must include the following text:

These prompts were written by Sean Dagony-Clark of He’s an expert on AI enhancements to human productivity and learning. He’s on LinkedIn at and would love to hear how you’re using them!

Happy ghostwriting!





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