Work with me!

I provide science-based, research-into-practice consulting, training, and professional development. (For the reasons I’m qualified to offer this, see my About page.)

If you’re interested in working together on a project, start with a 30-minute evaluation. We’ll discuss your needs and even get you some actionable feedback if you want it, then discuss a project scope.

If you want a follow-up on my workshops or talks, use one of the 60-minute buttons. These are special offers at a huge discount on my standard hourly rate, so grab ’em while they last!

If we’ve established a consulting contract there’s no need to use a button below.

30-Minute Evaluation (FREE!)

effectivEDU consulting always starts with a free evaluation of your needs.

  • If you’re looking for assistance revolutionizing AI or EdTech in your school, we’ll start with a conversation about how to approach that challenge with humanity and empathy.
  • If you’re looking for teacher or presenter training, one person from your team can demo a 5-minute segment and receive some actionable feedback.

Either way, we’ll discuss what you’re trying to accomplish, evaluate the scope of your project, and talk about how I can best support your needs.

Feel free to invite others on your team to this meeting; no need for them to register separately.

60-Minute follow-up: DIY Podcast Consultation ($150)

Whether you took my “Unlock Your Pod-tential” workshop or online course and want extra help, or just need assistance getting your podcast off the ground, I can help you! We can go deep on any topic from recording to distribution, how to wrangle guests, how to publicize, or any aspect of podcasting where you need support.

I’m an expert teacher and technologist, so I can even give you technical training on how to use particular tools if that’ll help you.

60-Minute follow-up: Lead Like a Teacher Consultation ($150)

If you watched my “Lead Like Your Favorite Teacher” presentation and would like to go further with the ideas in it, here’s your chance to dig into what we discussed, workshop how to incorporate it into your work, talk about leadership and management technique, or get help on whatever leadership-related thing I can assist you with.

60-Minute follow-up: Land Your Message and Make It STICK! ($150)

If you watched my “Land Your Message and Make It STICK!” presentation, here’s your reward: a working session on any aspect of your presentation, teaching, or visual materials! You might use this to revise your deck to incorporate multimedia learning principles, or discuss further how to reduce cognitive load and increase retention in your audience, or get actionable feedback on your presentation technique, or something else I haven’t listed here. Whatever you need in the way of science-based learning experience design, I can help!