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Teach what’s NEEDED, not what’s NEXT (2/3)

You’ll learn best if the learning is targeted to your personal needs. 😎

(This isn’t about learning styles. Don’t get me started on learning styles.)

What if, every time you learned something, it started at exactly the right place for you based on what you already know? There would be no need for background research to figure out key terms; if you didn’t know them, the key terms would be the next thing you learn. If you already knew some detail about the topic, you’d start just at the edge of that detail and move on from there. If you know most of it already, you wouldn’t have to wade through repetitive information and could just jump ahead to its application.

Learning should be all about determining what you don’t understand, filling those gaps, and building new knowledge on a more solid foundation. That’s the most efficient way to learn. Possibly the most enjoyable, too! Wouldn’t you prefer to learn material that’s aimed at your precise level of understanding?

The realities of school make this extremely difficult, though. Every student’s brain is in a different place vis-a-vis the material. And the pace of school, not to mention the overload of work on teachers, makes constant individualized assessment a near-impossibility.

Luckily, teachers can get an assist from Gen AI to quickly assess their students’ knowledge gaps.

I’ve built a prompt teachers can copy and modify, then hand out to students to use before any lesson. The teacher gets feedback on exactly what each student knows and needs to learn next, and can adjust their lessons and interventions accordingly.

Check out part 2 and 3 👇 of my videos for the prompt and its results! Love to hear from you if you find this useful or want to try it in your own work!





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