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Teach what’s NEEDED, not what’s NEXT. (1/3)

But… how do you know what’s needed? 🧐

I had high school classes where the teacher said “We were on page 87 yesterday, so today we’ll start at the top of page 88”? I’m sure you’ve had the same.

Wait. Why is that wrong? Page 88 is the next page, after all!

Here’s the problem: it might not be what YOU need to learn next!

A great educator illuminates their students’ misconceptions and misunderstandings and ensures those are corrected before the student moves forward. Without doing this, we risk compounding knowledge gaps by piling new knowledge on a shaky foundation.

But most schools move through content at a breakneck pace, and individualized evaluation can be difficult to accommodate.

Luckily today’s teachers get an assist from Gen AI!

My last post used ChatGPT to predict misconceptions and misunderstandings while building lesson plans. That’s a good first step, but it’s just a guess. A guess is far from sufficient in determining actual knowledge gaps.

So let’s start to illuminate those gaps! Check out the video 👇 for a way you can get a Gen AI to do a lot of the work for you!

Here’s the full prompt! (If you’re already signed up for the newsletter and still see the sign-up form, you may have to enter your e-mail once more to set the cookie.)





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