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AI is changing the world. We can’t allow it to change our humanity.

✅ Consider politics: deepfakes are already influencing elections.

👩‍🎓 Consider education: I recently showed a team of teachers how to generate an entire term paper with Gen AI. (Chicago-style citations and all.)

🎭 Consider industries: OpenAI‘s Sora videos, or Midjourney‘s images, or Anthropic‘s Claude AI writing. Then consider Gen AI has been in the public eye for just about a year. Then consider how soon it could replace actors, or designers, or lawyers, or writers, or… anyone.

In a world where we can’t believe our eyes, what do we have left?

Our humanity.

And who will guide us?

Our great, and very human, leaders.

As we sprint into the AI Age, propelled by corporations that do not have our best interests at heart, we must — we MUST — emphasize the thinking and actions that make us human.

More than anything, we need human-centric leadership informed by compassion and experience. AI can’t replace that. Not now, not ever.

We need visionary leaders and guides on this journey. They will help us establish AI as an extension of human ability, not a replacement.

So my prediction for 2024 and beyond?

Compassionate, human-centered leadership will matter more every day.

(See my other predictions below.)


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