Lensa and Deep Nostalgia demo

You just learned ChatGPT and now it’s gone?! What will you have to learn next?! 😓

No, ChatGPT isn’t dead yet. But this weekend was chaos weekend at OpenAI, the company that created it. (CEO Altman was out! Then maybe he wasn’t! Then he was hired by Microsoft! And then most of OpenAI’s employees were ready to follow him! Wheeee!!!!!)

OpenAI may survive, but the sharks are circling.

Now’s a perfect time to explore the AI landscape. There are a ton of easy-to-use and super-powerful AI options out there! Here are a few you might try.

🤖 Microsoft’s Bing is one to watch right now. Microsoft is betting an OpenAI shakeup will allow it to create its own offering. For now, Bing is powered by GPT 4 and is great for analysis and insights on websites and documents you open in the Bing browser.
🤖 Claude is Amazon’s $2.75B bet on chatbots. It’s takes larger inputs than ChatGPT (up to about 75,000 words, meaning book-length, which Claude can process in less than a minute) and has a more recent knowledge base (its training data is less than a year old).

📸 Lensa is a smartphone app that uses AI to touch up your photos. It also creates “magic avatars” in interesting styles using your own photos. (The still image in this post is one Lensa created from my own photos.)
📸 Deep Nostalgia animates still photos to make it look as if the people in them are moving and looking around. Think Hogwarts portraits for your own photos. (The animated image in this post is Deep Nostalgia’s take on that Lensa image.)

🎵 AIVA is an AI music generator. Check out the “Created with AIVA” playlist on YouTube, then sign up and create your own.
🎵🎥📸 Runway ML is a whole multimedia AI toolkit! It can create videos and images from text prompts, change the style of an existing video (i.e. make you into an animation), capture 3D objects, edit audio, and a lot more.

There’s amazing stuff out there and more coming every day. What have you tried that I haven’t listed? What’s your experience using the ones above? Where do you stand on Generative AI in general? Share your thoughts in the comments!





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