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Uh oh. Do you actually know what your learners don’t know? 🤔

Teaching is way more than telling. A great teacher unearths their learners’ misconceptions and misunderstandings, and then targets them to fill gaps and build higher quality knowledge.

In other words, you don’t just teach what’s next; you teach what’s NEEDED.

One of the more challenging elements of teaching is figuring out what our learners need to learn. We can’t see into our learners’ brains! How do we know what they don’t know?

My next few posts will give a few methods for illuminating and targeting misconceptions and misunderstandings. Today we’ll start by predicting them with AI!

1) Pick a Gen AI. (ChatGPT, Claude, Jasper, Bard, whatever, just get in there!)

2) Engineer a great prompt. Here’s what I used:
“I want you to act like an expert teacher in the field of ___. You’re teaching students in ___ grade. The class is currently in a unit on ___ and your next topic is ___. List 5 misconceptions these students are likely to have about this topic and 5 misunderstandings they might generate as they learn it. Base your predictions on what they’ve learned in the Common Core progression and what an average student in ___ grade is likely to know.”

Check out the video to see the result! 👇 (Spoiler alert: it worked really well!)


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